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The information below has no exclusive relationship to our products only as it encompasses the products in general.  This will help you understand how a particular product works, the precautions to be taken while choosing any product, the easy way to understand and calculate your requirements.  No technical knowledge is required to grasp the things as it has been furnished in a simple to understand format. We will be regularly updating these pages; do visit this site often. We also welcome your critical comments to improve these pages further.  Please mail your comments.


LED Street Light_Design Based Approach
Battery Charging Efficiency Vs SOC (Interesting Study Paper)
PWM Charging in Solar Systems. Facts you should know
Sizing  Your Solar System (Determine your power consumption, optimize it, size your battery bank, charge controller)
Solar Power Basics (Producing common electricity from solar power, components required, using inverter )
Solar Time Curves  (How Autoswitcher saves energy as compared to Time Switch)
Autoswitcher in feeder pillar (How AS2000DR is fitted inside feeder pillar.  Wiring diagram details)



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