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How Autoswitcher AS2000DR is fitted inside feeder pillar.            

  AUTOSWITCHER 2000 DR has self-explanatory connector to make external wiring. The following points should be adhered to while making the connections.

q       The electric load to be connected to the unit should not exceed 5A (Resistive) at 230V/50 Hz.  Since the load in practical applications is never pure resistive, it should not exceed 2.5 A for general lighting load like incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes.  This factor of safety is essential considering the starting surge currents.

q       If the load current is more than the specified, it is advisable to use contactor.  The unit can drive the contactor of any rating.

q       A fuse of 5A should be placed in series with the output cable to avoid the accidental short. The unit does not have built-in fuse.  It should be clearly understood, in the event of overload or short, the unit will be damaged if no external fuse is provided.

q       Placement of sensor is to be done very judiciously.  It should be preferably placed horizontally and outdoors sensing the ambient light only.  It should not receive the light from the connected load. 

q       The “TWILIGHT” setting is factory-calibrated at 16 to 20 lux which is satisfactory for a normal dusk-to-dawn operation assuming the sensor is properly placed.  In case a different setting is desired, adjust the “TWILIGHT” control towards (+) for early on or (-) for late on operations.  It must be noticed that there is a limit to adjust this setting to the extreme ends.  If it is taken to extreme negative end to switch the light at maximum darkness, even a slight light from the connected load may switch off the load when on after the delay time.  Similarly, connected load will be continuously on if it is taken to maximum positive side. Once this setting is done, it should not be disturbed ever.  Also, it is to be understood the unit is tracking the set ambient light and not the time of the day for its on/off action. 



q       The output of the unit is potential- free contacts and hence load to be connected can be of AC or DC of any voltage upto 440V AC.

q       For the normal 230V-operated load, pin 1 (MAINS ‘0’) and pin 4 (OUTPUT) are to be used as output to get mains supply to load while pin 2 (MAINS ‘230’) and pin 3(OUTPUT) are permanently shorted with suitable wire.
















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